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60G Multi-lanes Speed Measurement Speed radar

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Since the 21st century, our highway transportation industry has presented a trend of rapid development, personnel and property casualties that caused by traffic accidents are also in a straight rising trend. Due to the illegal phenomena of such as speeding on the road, illegal stopping and so on, cause traffic accidents to occur continuously.

Nanoradar MR62 millimeter wave radar has the function of multi-lane ranging and speed measurement, which can accurately capture the position and speed of different targets in each lane within the detection range. At the same time, it is small in size, low in power consumption and easy to integrate, which can effectively reduce the probability of accidents and ensure road safety.

At present, the product is applied in traffic speed measurement, flow monitoring, road warning and other fields

MR62 Product Introduction

At present, the mainstream land-based detection radars in the market are installed in separate parts. The traditional radar is large in volume and cannot be integrated into other equipment to form an integrated structure. With the development of high frequency and high precision radar, radar modules began to be integrated into cameras, which effectively saved construction costs and increased market acceptance. The radar uses 60GHz frequency band to detect 32 targets at a distance of 100 meters in real time.

According to the Notice on the Issuance of Interim Provisions on Radio Management of Car Radar issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the frequency of 76~79GHz is used for car radar, and land-based radar should avoid this frequency band. 60GHz is used for M62, and in order to avoid mutual interference problems (such as false alarm, shortened detection distance, missed alarm, etc.) that may be caused by installing multiple radars of the same frequency at an intersection, a 4-step wrong frequency function is developed. At the same time, in order to better adapt to the environment and reduce the interference caused by different weather and environment, a 4-step sensitivity function is developed.

MR62 Key Features

Faster integration

Peace of mind when using

Simple integration

Compact size, double-layer anti-dull design, wide voltage, low power consumption

Rich scenes

Road section scene, intersection scene, park scene

Strong performance

4-lane coverage, 100m detection, small blind zone (10m)

Rich function

4-speed anti-interference, 2 working modes, 4-speed sensitivity design

Peace of mind when using

Support front and side mount, support temperature sensing, support lane division

MR62 Product Advantages

60GHz frequency band

Perfectly stagger the vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar 77GHz band, avoiding false alarms, shortened detection distance, missed alarms and other unnecessary problems caused by millimeter-wave radar interference in the same frequency band, ensuring the reliability of land-based radar use, while avoiding accidents caused by interference in the same frequency band with vehicle-mounted radar.

MIMO system

MR62 uses MIMO 3 transmitting and 4 receiving 12 channels integrated array antenna, its accuracy can reach ±0.5°, meanwhile, MR62 uses uniform array, which can suppress the appearance of gate flap and get more stable angle measurement effect.

Simultaneous detection of 4 lanes

1 radar can monitor a main road, saving costs, a mine multi-purpose.

Strong environmental adaptability

Can keep working in -40~70℃ environment.

Precise detection

Distance measurement accuracy≤±0.4m, angle measurement accuracy≤±0.5°, speed measurement accuracy≤0.36km/h, capture rate >95%

Intelligent identification algorithm

Effective identification of large and small vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and people

Intelligent traffic monitoring

Support sub-lane detection target speed and distance

Easy integration

Self TTL, 9~24V power supply (typical 12V), small size (48*58㎜ size), light weight (≤10g), easy to integrate and develop.

MR62 Specifications

Specification List
Classification Description Indicator
Overall Size 48*58mm
Weight Single board weight≤10g
Power consumption ≤2.5W
Performance Modulation mode FMCW
Transmitting frequency 61~62GHz
Antenna 3 transmitting and 4 receiving
Transmit power (EIRP) ≤29dBm
Refresh rate 17Hz
Detection range ≤100m@0°
Distance accuracy ≤±0.4m
Speed range Incoming 200km/h

Going 300km/h

Speed accuracy 0.1m/s
Speed resolution 0.15m/s
Angular accuracy ±0.5°
Distance resolution 0.72m
Beamwidth (Azimuth/Tx) 56°(-6dB)
Beamwidth (Pitch/Tx) 13°(-6dB)
Angle range (azimuth) 56°
Maximum number of targets 32
Power supply Power supply 12VDC
Current 0.2A@12VDC
Environmental adaptability Protection class /
Operating temperature -40℃~70℃
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
External Interface TTL(3.3V)